The following people have brought Action Art to life with their support and encouragement:

John Anctil
Guy Ardrey
Alex Balkanski
Monica Borgatti
Royalee Cleveland
Chet Cordrey
Margarita Curtis
Jessica Day
Denise DePaulo
Douglas Dethy
John Downie
Terry Lynn Duffy 
Leon Fagundes
Mark Friedman
Shelly Futter
Becky George
Allison Henderson
Margarita Hernandez
Roland Hernandez
Peter Jessop
David Keaton
Forbes Keaton
Carrie Kenney
Allegra Krasznekewicz 
John Krasznekewicz
Sarah Krasznekewicz
Peter Kyle
Joel Landson
Jonathan Lash
Martha Lyman
Mark Matuska
Amy McGraime
Catherine McKern
David Mendez
David Mills
Dr. Jay Miles
Sue Miles 
David Mills
Liz Milwe
Judy O’Donnell
Kate Ostriecher
Jason Pacheco
James Phelp
Lucien Picariello 
  Nicolas Picariello
Robert Picariello
Marilet Pretorius
Terry Rooney
Amy Roth
Michael Schloat
Chris Scott
Maria Sutherland
Paul Teetling
Sato Terian
David Thiel
Tim Trelease
Jane Wald
Chuck Williams
Alexandra Woodford
Jake Woodford
John Woodford
Tim Woodford
James Wormser
Jon Wormser
Peter Wormser
Ken Wright
Mary Wright


The concept of Action Art is to create art that brings together different forces that result in a positive experience for the viewers, participants, and communities involved. The interchange of physical art, written words, different spaces, green materials, and diverse communities produces a unique constructive impact on society.

It also involves an economic concept for giving. By creating art that is reusable within a community, a donor is able to give to two causes at the same time and maximize the power of every dollar given.

Any contribution is greatly appreciated. Please send contributions to our address or contact us for more information.